Svetsko prvenstvo novinara u Mađarskoj – program


Koleginice i kolege,

Ovo obaveštenje važi za učesnike SP noninara koje se od 4.-10. septembra održava u Kapošvaru (Mađarska). Za koji dan trebalo bi da se sastanete sa Čedom oko konačnog dogovora za SP u Mađarskoj. Vreme i mesto javiću kasnije.

U prilogu vam šaljem mail organizatora.

Dear Friends!

In two weeks w’ll meet in Kaposvár. It’s time to see the program (below). At the moment I have applications for players from these countries: Austria 4, Bulgaria 1, Croatia 1, Germany 3, Italy 5, Macedonia 1, Montenegro 1, Poland 6, Russia 2, Serbia 12, Slovenia 10, Slovakia 9, Ukraine 1, and Hungary 19. So 75 players. Plus acc. pers. Hung. 1, Germ. 2, Italy 4, Russia 2, Slovakia 2 – all together 11. It means 86 participants!! It’s good in a WC which has been announced on 20th of June (10 weeks before the tournament) only!! I hope won’t be new resignations, I’ve booked the rooms in the hotel. In case yet please inform me immediately!

Some technical informations. The garage of the hotel can be reached easy by the GPS coordinates

46 21′ 25 92″ N
17 47′ 15 36″ E

Who don’t have GPS ask me!!

For use of the garage has to pay extra: 500 forint/day/auto, about 1,6 euros a day (on the last day at the reception of the hotel, please!).

And extra payment for the excursion to the deers (Bőszénfa), it is about 5 euros/person – to pay to me after the registry in hotel. It depends on how many participants want to go. Don’t forget: the deadline for the registry is 6th of September afternoon! (I shall order the bus!)

The participant fee as Marian Zima wrote it: 270 euros + 40 for the AITJ = 310 to pay at the check in. Plus 5 euros a day for the single rooms (30 for the 6 nights).

I think we will enjoy a good meeting, we are waiting for You all!!

Best regards

Károly (Karci) Avar


The program of the 39th WC of AITJ

Patron of the tournament: Károly Szita, Mayor of Kaposvár

President of the organizing commitee: László Hájos (Hungary)

AITJ-supervisor: Marian Zima, AITJ-Secretary General (Slovakia)

Tournament director: Károly Avar (Hungary)

Main referee: Márton Szabó (Hungary)


Sunday, 4th September


Arrival at Hotel Kapos, registration (till 17.00 if it’s possible)

18.30 Leave the hotel to the tennis courts (on foot, dressed in tennis-wear, please)

19.00 Official opening of the WC on the tennis courts of Kaposvár Tennis Club

Supper in the pension adjacent to the tennis courts

around 21.00 Meeting of the captains, (in Hotel Kapos), draw


Monday, 5th September


09.00 Start of the tournament

12.00-15.00 Lunch in the pension at the courts

18.00 Supper in the pension at the courts

20.00 ‘Kaposvár by night’ – sightseeing accompanied by guides, leave from the entrance to the hotel

21.00 Party in the main square in front of the terrace of the hotel (wines, canapés)


Tuesday, 6th September


09.00 Tournament continues

12.00-15.00 Lunch at the courts

18.00 Supper at the courts

free evening


Wednesday, 7th September


9.00 Tournament continues

12.00-15.00 Lunch at the courts

16.30 Optional program: visiting to the deer farm (by bus) in Bőszénfa, viewing, feeding, stroking tame deers (there are thousends of deers in the woods, some of them are tame). Please register for this program in the hotel lobby by the evening of Tuesday, 6th!

around 19.00 Return to Kaposvár

20.00 Supper at the hotel


Thursday, 8th September


09.00 Tournament continues

12.00-15.00 Lunch at the courts

18.00 Supper at the courts

19.00 General Assembly of the AITJ at the courts

20.30 Wine tasting at the hotel (cheeses and canapés)


Friday, 9th September


09.00 Tournament continues, finals

12.00-15.00 Lunch at the courts

20.00 Reception hosted by Károly Szita, Mayor of Kaposvár, in the town hall, award’s ceremony


Saturday, 10th September




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